Welcome to Andy Love Author

Hello, I’d like to extend a warm welcome and you enjoy your stay. Please browse around, hopefully there may be something that interests you.

It doesn’t matter if you’re published, unpublished, or more important than a lowly writer; a reader. Without readers being the writers virus, there would be no perpetuation of the written word. Let us infect the planet with escapism of the written word.

As an author, I have many interests: Writing (of course), history, scary facts and many others. It will always amaze me how savage and scared people were in the past. Some say we have regressed in some aspects. Yes, I’ll admit; it provides meat for my writing.

love to hate delving into the research until my head bursts open. I don’t wish to offend or hurt anyone with the words I write, only to entertain and give a little escapism from reality and... Ok, I’d love to scare your skin off. I hope I do that.

Please contact me and have a chat. I don’t bite, honest.