Andy LoveAndy Love was born, raised and currently lives in Scotland, with his wife and two cats. His two children are adults now and visit when possible with the grandchildren. Living between the two great capitals of Edinburgh and Glasgow, he has had a mixture of the varying personalities that reside from east to west of Scotland's central belt. As some people may know, Scotland has a vast history of true horrors and bloody battles that have soaked the soils with blood over the centuries. MacKinnon loves to explore the myths, legends and truths of this voraciously sordid past and draws on this history for his stories.

Andy Love left school with the new trend in qualifications at the time, which none of the employers recognized. This accounts for his concise work record, as he explained. ”When I left school, I initially worked at Painting and Decorating for a number of years. Working on building sites was fun in the summer and cruel in the winter. I also worked in a whisky bottling plant. Good money, but headaches with the bottles clinking together all the time. I think it was at the lowest point, when it was early morning (still pitch black) and pouring with rain and I was standing in a ditch, up to my knees in muddy water, when I decided to do something about this disastrous lifestyle.”