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A Night With Frost

The city of Hail is gripped in icy winter carnage, as Jack Frost breaks the rules of nature and fables. The Calder family struggle to cope with their own troubles, until Jack Frost chills their lives. This night is a cold harsh lesson for people of Hail.

Dead Beat

Hector Bryce, a Leith Dock Guard on night shift in 1841. He stumbles across the black mists, which follow him on his beat. What do they want? What price will Hector pay for their help?


Read the candid and horrific diary of Joseph Bastion. He travels to Minion Manor, where he researches the family tree of Lord Lingbo. Why does he feel so uncomfortable, filled with dread and the disgusting uncertainty of what he sees? Will Joseph find the truth? Why is he really here? Is there an explanation in the attic? Will Joseph get out in one piece, alive?

Nobodys Inn

Interview with an ex-werewolf – evading humans, hunted by the clan, and a race of beings that feed on any monsters – beasts that eat everything, immune to spells, deceases or curses. You may let dog eat dog, but the Draugar eat everything.